If you have a flat roof you have probably had the misfortune of a leak at some point and time.  Flat roofs are mostly found on commercial properties but can also be found on some residential properties.  Building code today allows only two layers of roofing and requires that a slope be built into the roof system to encourage drainage with the standard rule that water must drain off within 48 hours.  However many older roofs have multiple layers, poor drainage or have developed issues over time due to collapsing insulation, settling or lack of maintenance.

At Proformance Roofing Systems we have options for your flat roof or low slope roof.   We can remove that old roof, build in a slope, or where building code allows, overlay it with a single layer modified bitumen system or a TPO single ply system or TritoFlex.

If you are looking for the best roof ask us about our premium seamless roof system, TritoFlex which is warrantied for extreme hail, and has the highest wind uplift rating in the industry, is not affected by ponding water, has a class A fire rating and has an expansion rate of over 1900%.  The membrane is covered by TritoTherm which reduces heat transfer 40% and has warranties that extend up to 35 years.

See how this Church used TritoFlex to reduce utility bills and cover a flat roof without affecting services.

If you have a metal low slope roof with some age to it you may be experiencing expansion or contraction issues or worn out fastener issues that are causing leaks.  We can replace your metal roof with new metal or we can install a seamless membrane. In some cases we can seal the seams and fasteners and coat the surface to reduce the heat transfer through the metal providing a double benefit of a cooler roof that doesn’t leak.

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