Proformance Roofing Systems installs all types of metal roof systems including, R-panel, Standing Seam, Decra and other designer products. Call or e-mail for more information.

Whether you need replacement of a current roof or you want to add a metal roof we can help with your decision making process as well as your installation. Metal can be a great option and is available in many different styles, however be aware of one downside with metal while making your decision.  Many insurance companies are no longer paying for cosmetic hail damage meaning that your roof can be dented like a car but it will not be replaced unless it has functional hail damage, with means it is damaged at a seam on fastening point that could cause a leak.

Metal Shingles

Metal Shingles Roofer OKC - Proformance RoofingMetal shingles are incredibly durable  and are considered a 50 year roof.  They also provide a class #4 Hail Rating and receive a substantial discount from some insurance providers.  They mimic the look of asphalt, clay, tile, cedar or slate products.  An example would be a rustic wood shake look that gives the desired look of wood but eliminates the fire risk and the natural deterioration that happened as wood ages.  With the finishes that are available today you can have a roof that holds it’s color for many years as well as have a Class #4 Hail rated roof.  Many colors are available including a copper color that is intended to look like a natural copper.

Metal Tile

Metal Tile Roofer OKC - Proformance RoofingRegular tile is beautiful but is heavy and can be fragile if it is walked on as well as expensive to maintain. It is extremely costly to retrofit a house or building that did not come with tile as it requires a much heavier framing structure to carry the weight including walls and rafters. Metal tile can be a great option is this is your goal.

Vertical Panels

Metal Vertical Panels Roofer OKC - Proformance RoofingVeritical panels are more commonly known as Standing Seam roofs or R-panel roofs and are seen most often on commercial style roofs.  A standing seam has a flat appearance with a raised rib and very few exposed fasteners while an R-Panel has exposed fasteners and more raised ribs.  An R-panel is less money and more common on your typical metal buildings. They can be installed over solid decking or over open rafters or metal purlins. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles and have become more common in residential roofing.

Natural Metals

Natural Metals - Proformance Roofing Oklahoma CityNatural metals are considered self-healing in that they develop a natural protective layer or patina as they age.  They are beautiful but are expensive and dent very easily with hail.