Oldest Building Gets Newest Roof!

The oldest building in downtown Oklahoma City has state-of-the-art roof system installed!

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The Oil and Gas building, located at 110 N. Robinson, had many problems with their existing roof, and Proformance Roofing Systems was able to offer a roofing solution, that not only gave them a new roof, but also was able to solve additional problems such as leaking ductwork and deteriorating building walls. And Proformance was able to accomplish this with one amazing waterproofing product called Tritoflex.

Tritoflex is not a coating. Tritoflex is an instant-set, rubberized, spray-on, and fully-adhered membrane that has many benefits over existing roof systems available today. Just some of these benefits include:

  1. Tritoflex is an FM approved product that can be applied over the existing roof system, so there is no need for wasteful and costly tear-off; which is especially beneficial in the downtown area.
  2. Tritoflex is instant-set and instant-waterproof as it is applied, reducing weather worries during installation.
  3. Tritoflex is a water-based, green-product containing no harmful VOCs.
  4. Tritoflex is warrantied for 2.75” “baseball” size hail (Hello Oklahoma!). It has incredible adherence and the highest wind rating available, and it has the highest flexibility in the industry.
  5. Tritoflex is Class A fire rated and, because it is water-based, is self-extinguishing.
  6. Tritoflex Roofing Systems are not affected by foot traffic and ponding (unlike other roofing systems) and come with a no-nonsense warranty to up to 45 years!

Since Tritoflex is instant-set, it can be applied as a solution to the whole building envelope. A case in point is the Oil and Gas building. The large metal ductwork on the roof had many leaks from its seams, and the outside walls of a utility building on the roof were suffering deterioration.

Proformance was able to apply Tritoflex to the duct work seams and to the actual walls of the building thus solving additional problems for the client.

Tritoflex is truly an amazing product that is unequaled in the industry, and Proformance Roofing Systems is the exclusive installer of Tritoflex in the state of Oklahoma.

You owe it to yourself to learn more about Tritoflex as an option for your roofing needs. We would love the opportunity to show your company this incredible product! Please check out our website and call us today!

Before and After Photos

Completed Project

After - Panorama


Before - 1


After - 1


Before - 3


After - 3

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