Triton’s suite of proprietary products along with the teams’ experience provides our clients with application solutions for the entire building environment.


  • Simple, non-penetrating, cost-effective
  • Highly resistant to UV, ozone, salt spray, or chemicals
  • Highly energy efficient and reduces thermal shock
  • Class A self-extinguishing fire resistance (FM-Approved)
  • Excellent adhesion and self-terminating
  • Exceeds most stringent wind uplift requirements (FM-Approved)
  • Remains flexible in sub-degree temperatures
  • 1900% elongation properties
  • Sprayed to any thickness in a single coat

Waterproofing Application Solutions
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Roof Restoration Recovery

Metal roofs are leak challenges sometimes due to extreme movement from expansion and contraction. The 1600% elongation properties of TRITOflex™ is the answer.
Roof Restoration Recovery - Learn More


Vegetative Garden Roofs

The TRITOflex™ liquid applied rubber membrane is ideal for creating a durable monolithic waterproofing component within a garden or green roof system.
Vegetative Garden Roofs - Learn More


Below Grade Waterproofing

The TRITOflex waterproofing system is the perfect fit for waterproofing concrete foundation walls, footings, and beneath slabs on new construction or renovation projects.
Below Grade Waterproofing - Learn More


Plaza Decks

The TRITOflex waterproofing system is the perfect fit as the primary, seamless waterproofing membrane in a plaza deck system. Pavers, tiles, etc. can be installed directly over the rubber TRITOflex membrane the day after it is installed in a single coat.
Plaza Decks - Learn More


Pools, Ponds, Planters

The TRITOflex waterproofing system is used to quickly and effectively waterproof inside pools, ponds, planters, or water features.
Pools, Ponds, Planters - Learn More


Small Leaks Repair

“TRITOtrowel liquid rubber waterproofing is applied by brush, hand, or trowel and is used for small waterproofing projects such as leaking gutters, windows, or aquariums or for leaking roof repairs.
Small Leaks Repair - Learn More


Bridges, Tunnels, Civil

The liquid rubber TRITOflex waterproofing membrane is used to efficiently waterproof in split-slab concrete applications such as bridges, bunkers, tunnels, and many other applications.
Bridges, Tunnels, Civil - Learn More


Corrosion Control

The liquid rubber TRITOflex membrane is often used for waterproofing applications due to its indefinite resistance to water and moisture.
Corrosion Control - Learn More


Marine, Submerged

The liquid rubber TRITOflex waterproofing membrane is an ideal application for marine projects and submerged waterproofing to prevent corrosion and moisture entry and also protect from punctures and other damage.
Marine, Submerged - Learn More


Secondary Containment

The liquid rubber and environmentally safe TRITOflex membrane is often used for waterproofing but is also used for secondary containment for storage tanks and basins because of its resistance to more than water, such as methane and manure.Triton waterproofing systems are designed to waterproof difficult and environmentally challenged surfaces that other products are not able to adequately protect. TRITOflex™ liquid applied rubber membrane easily solves waterproofing applications such as retaining walls, underground tornado shelters, basement foundations, planters, fountains, fish ponds and other water retention areas.
Secondary Containment - Learn More