There are many different options when it comes to residential roofing.  Asphalt is the most popular and affordable.  As your OKC roofer, we also install wood, tile, slate, metal, and synthetic vinyl materials that look like slate and tile. Your imagination is your only limitation!  We are the roofing company in Oklahoma City that would be glad to show you samples of different type materials and how they would look on your house.

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Residential Roofing Projects

Residential Roofing Types


We install most brands of asphalt roofing.  We are preferred installers for Malarkey, Owens Corning and CertainTeed.  We also install Tamko, Atlas, and GAF roofing products.


There are three basic metal roofing products used in the residential market, Metal Shingles, which can be plan metal or stone coated, R-Panel identified by exposed mechanical fasteners and repeating raised ribs and Standing Seam which most commonly has a smooth surface with a raised rib where it attaches together. Look at our commercial link to see some pictures of the different styles of roofing

Composite/ Vinyl Shingles

In recent years composite shingles have been designed that mimic the look of tile and slate but are lightweight, hail resistant and fire resistant.  If you are looking for an tile look retrofit they can be an excellent option to consider.


Slate is a natural building material and can be a lifetime roofing system. It is beautiful, expensive and heavy and requires a reinforced structure.  If you are interested in slate we can help you with your installation.  If you are interested in a slate look we can help you with options.


Typically tile is made of concrete and is extremely heavy requiring a reinforced structure to carry the additional weight.  Tile is beautiful and classy and comes in a variety of colors and styles.  It is not a good option for a retro fit.  If you need a tile roof we can help!


Wood shingles used to be the standard if you were looking for an upgraded roof that would stand up to hail and give an extended life.   Number #1 woods are a smooth thin shingle and use spaced sheeting and no felt paper to allow the wood to breathe. Shake shingles are a rustic looking shingle and are generally thicker and have more of the shingle exposed.  Wood shingles have decreased n popularity in the OKC market due to the fire risk and increased insurance cost.

If you need a wood roof or a repair, we can help!

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