TRITOflex™ liquid applied rubber membrane is ideal for creating a durable monolithic waterproofing component within the popular “Green” Roof System.” Since TRITOflex™ will withstand water indefinitely and can be sprayed to any thickness in a single pass, custom made swells can be built into the waterproofing membrane, as needed, to retain water on the roof longer in drought areas for better plant health. Combined with a drainage mat and soil medium, the vegetation possibilities for your roof are endless.

Vegetative Green Roofing


  • A green membrane (no VOC, water based) for a green roof system
  • No seams to fail; totally monolithic
  • Fully adhered to substrate; restricts lateral movement of water if damaged
  • Excellent adhesion and self-terminating at penetrations
  • Natural habitat created for birds and butterflies
  • Good under hydrostatic pressure
  • 1600% elongation properties