APPLICATION SOLUTION: Gravel Roof Restoration

Triton liquid waterproofing systems are ideal for restoring or recovering gravel surfaced, built-up roofing systems when they have worn out. Gravel surfacing proves difficult for most other roof systems to be installed over, however, our highly flexible, spray applied, liquid rubber membrane is up for the challenge. The flexible TRITOflex™ rubberized recover system is lightweight at only 6 ounces per square foot and is quickly spray applied directly to the existing roof surface. The liquid applied rubber product forms a fully adhered uniform monolithic membrane over the existing roof without the need for thousands of screws to hold it down. Durable and highly energy efficient finish coats offer a wide array of color options.

Gravel Roof Restoration


  • Simple, non-penetrating, cost effective method of recovering an old gravel roof
  • Spray to any thickness in a single pass
  • Seamless membrane that incorporates difficult to flash penetrations easily
  • Highly energy efficient and reduces thermal shock to roof system
  • Exceeds most stringent wind uplift requirements
  • Fire resistant and self-extinguishing
  • Excellent adhesion and self-terminating at penetrations
  • Eliminates need for tear-off and disposal
  • Saves up to 40% over conventional roofing systems with same warranty coverage
  • Remains flexible even in sub degree temperatures
  • 1600% elongation properties