APPLICATION SOLUTION: TPO, Modified Bitumen, EPDM, Hypalon, Granulated Cap Sheet roofs.

Triton liquid waterproofing systems are ideal for restoring many types of conventional roofs when they are leaking or deteriorated so a costly and disruptive tear-off is not required. The versatile TRITOflex™ rubberized waterproofing membrane is lightweight at only 6 ounces per square foot and is quickly spray applied directly to the existing roof surface. The liquid applied rubber product forms a fully adhered uniform monolithic membrane over the existing roof without the need for thousands of screws to hold it down. Durable and highly energy efficient finish coats offer a wide array of color options.

Replace TPO, Modified Bitumen, EPDM, etc


  • Seamless membrane that incorporates difficult to flash penetrations easily
  • Eliminates need for tear-off and disposal
  • Non-penetrating, cost effective method of recovering an old roof
  • Highly resistant to UV, ozone, salt spray and chemicals
  • Spray to any thickness in a single pass
  • Exceeds most stringent wind uplift requirements
  • Fire resistant and self-extinguishing
  • Excellent adhesion and self-terminating at penetrations
  • Saves up to 40% over conventional roofing systems with same warranty coverage
  • Remains flexible even in sub degree temperatures
  • 1600% elongation properties