Tritoflex - Proformance Roofing

TRITOflex™ is a water based liquid rubber membrane that is environmentally friendly. It dries to the touch immediately and is fully cured in 24 hours. It’s tough and flexible material can be sprayed to any thickness in a single pass creating a seamless fully-adhered, monolithic roof system. Tritoflex can be applied directly over an existing roof system thereby eliminating wasteful and evasive tear offs.  Because of its light weight and classification as a roof coating building codes allow it to be used for such installations. It is water-based and contains no VOC’s and is classified as a “green” product .

See how Tritoflex helped this church complete a flat roof remodel without affecting services.

Unlike TPO it does not require regular maintenance to keep the warranty intact.  It stands up to foot traffic and is not affected by ponding.  There are no seams to leak and no mechanical fastener to cut through the surface.

TRITOflex™ is often used as a roof restoration membrane but is also used for below-grade waterproofing, plaza decks, walls, steel beams, pools, ponds, and a variety of other waterproofing applications.