Application Solution – Metal Roof Restoration

Triton liquid waterproofing systems are ideal for restoring metal roofs when they are leaking or deteriorated. The versatile TRITOflex™ rubberized waterproofing membrane performs in ways that other products don’t such as bonding to joints, fasteners, flashings and other awkward architectural shapes. The liquid applied rubber product forms a uniform, monolithic membrane that expands and contracts with the underlying metal roof. Durable and highly energy efficient finish coats offer a wide array of color options.

Metal Roof Restoration


  • Simple, non-penetrating, cost effective method of recovering an old metal roof
  • Highly resistant to UV, ozone, salt spray and chemicals
  • Seamless membrane that seals difficult to flash metal penetrations easily
  • Highly energy efficient and reduces thermal shock to metal roof movement
  • Fire resistant and self-extinguishing
  • Excellent adhesion and self-terminating
  • Remains flexible even in sub degree temperatures
  • 1600% elongation properties